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Launching bikes into space

15+ years of experience in building web-based solutions (mostly using MS stack) from tiny single-purpose apps to 24/7-active PaaS products and distributed applications used across different time zones. Pharmacy-related and personal-data related scenarios.

4 years of experience in crypto app development for: DAG-based blockchains (Nano, Banano), EOSIO-based (EOS, Wax), TON-based (The Open Network). Free-to-play and play-to-earn Banano game "Black Monkey" was able to serve 50+ users-per-second for 24 hours using one $5/month VPS.


My buzzwords


Forms, Web Apps, Web Services, Entity Framework, Dapper, Blazor, Docker.

Data storage

Relational (MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sqlite); NoSQL (Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Table Storage, Yandex Database, LiteDB); Blob storages.


CI/CD, Azure/Bitbucket Pipelines, AWS, Azure WebApp, ServiceBus, Storage.


Git, GitHub, TDD, Jira, Confluence, Bitrix24 etc.


DAG blockchains (Nano, Banano), EOSIO blockchains (WAX, EOS), TON Blockchains (The Open Network).


Nginx, HTML, CSS, Let's Encrypt, Webmin, Server administration, Two kids.

My projects


Live results screen during race Sports Timing software without need of hardware chips: semi-automatic finish timing, sophisticated calculations, client-server and offline-client work modes, WiFi and USB-dongle data sync, live on-screen results. Non-commercial, in production since 2005.


PharmApi online docs This country-level PaaS allows pharmaceutical companies to decrease prices for particular products for specified patients directly at points-of-sale, varying discount level per user, per his previous purchase history and other. Commercial, in production since 2019.

PassKit Helper

PassKit Helper NuGet page C#/.NET helper library for all Apple PassKit (Apple Wallet, Apple Passbook) needs: create passes, sign pass packages, receive webhooks into aspnetcore app and send push updates to user devices. On NuGet since September 2019, 38K downloads.


Main Card-a-Mon page Useful site for collectors of cryptomonKeys WAX NFT cards. WAX blockchain integration, AtomicHub marketplace integration, owner & card statistics, Telegram bot for low-price and missed-cards sale alerts and more. In production since June 2021.


RecurrentTasks GitHub page Lightweight C#/.NET library to run simple background tasks with specified intervals in ASP.NET applications. CancelationToken support, single-execution-at-a-time, start / stop / run immediately. On NuGet since 2016, 100K downloads, 80 GitHub stars.

Banano Black Monkey

Black Monkey manual page Popular blockchain game to earn Banano crypto coin. Ran bi-monthly, distributed over 1BTC (in Banano) every 24 hours, served 50+ users-per-second using only one $5/month VPS. AI-trained bots resistant. Active from Dec-2018 to Jun-2020. Stopped due to DOS attacks.


TonLib.Net GitHub page First .NET package/library for working with The Open Network. On NuGet since March 2023.


This site preview Website hosted directly in TON Storage. All publish operations are scriptable, no manual actions required. Depending on current TON Proxy version you may need TonUtils Proxy or use Ton Proxy integrated into your wallet. Live since May 2023.